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The plan:

We would like to take you on a tour through Landgoed Overvloed: A lush agroforest for food production as well as a holistic and 100 percent ecological wellness retreat and educational center. Our mission is to set an example and show the world that agriculture, nature, wellbeing, education and recreation can go hand in hand in a 100 percent sustainable and commercial way and in doing so, make a contribution to turning around the climate problem and the loss of our nature and biodiversity.

With Landgoed Overvloed we want to set an example and show the world that agriculture, nature, wellbeing, education, hospitality and recreation can go hand in hand and reinforce each other in a sustainable and commercial way. We are legally structuring our idealism in a modern business implementation, in which both small investments and large financiers are offered security now and in the future.

Landgoed Overvloed will be economically independent by generating revenue from targeting the modern eco tourist with a good income. Even so, investment is needed. To be able to develop the project and provide the initial operating costs we need a total funding of € 2.000.000. Depending on whether we are able to buy land or find land we can rent or manage from a third party, we estimate to need up to another € 2.500.000, which comes to a total amount of € 4.500.000. Part of our organization can be funded with governmental sustainable development subsidies.

Bio food. Garden produce and harvested vegetable. Fresh farm vegetables in wooden box

Regenerative agriculture

Landgoed Overvloed has one absolute top priority: to make the soil underneath our feet healthy again. We will do this through regenerative agriculture, a way of producing food that leaves the soil intact.

Our dream is to create a habitat, with minimal human interference, where the soil bursts with all kinds of living creatures, using the newest insights in the field of nature-inclusive agriculture, permaculture, food forestry and keeping animals according to the silvopasture grazing system, unique in the Netherlands. We want to (re)connect people with nature and make an inspiring contribution to turning around the climate problem and the loss of our biodiversity.

What we offer

In Landgoed Overvloed people can explore all different kinds of well known and less well known, healthy plants, fruits, nuts and animal products. These will be offered in the form of weekly food crates, meals in the Restaurant and products from the Store. People can also experience an off grid, sustainable and natural lifestyle in the form of an overnight Stay, Retreat or Event that reconnect them with nature and with their own natural, relaxed state. We offer a variety of Healing practices and Education, which is always supporting the back to nature principle. In doing so we emphatically want the local Community to feel a sense of belonging to Landgoed Overvloed.

We want to show you that it is possible to see nature as part of human food production. To show that nature is part of ourselves and that we can make use of all the elements nature brings, rather than fighting them. Landgoed Overvloed wants to give people the experience of this holistic perspective in a pleasurable, relaxing, educative, playful and healing way, for many more generations to come back to and enjoy.