Land and Location

As of writing we have not yet a piece of land available or at sight for us. In order to make a considerable impact in the natural surrounding, Landgoed Overvloed should expand to approximately 20 to 50 Hectares. Ideally the land should be a mixture of farmland that we can turn into a healthier and more natural environment and adjacent wood land that we can turn into a more diverse and edible forest. This way we can help with the ambition of our government to create more adjacent nature throughout the country.

Ideally we want the land to be in the Netherlands and are aiming for farm land in Brabant, Limburg, Gelderland or Overijssel as we see the most potential here and no threat of rising sea levels. Even so, Germany could be a good alternative, considering land is more available and prices are lower.

In order to have enough customers for the weekly crates and the shop Landgoed Overvloed should be in the proximity of one or two cities with around 150.000 inhabitants. People living in those cities should be able to reach the landgoed in less than 45 minutes.


Our target is to start the retreats and tiny house rental in the 5th month. Next to that we will have test runs for the restaurant. By the end of the year the Tiny houses, healing part, store, restaurant, Silvopasture planning, Permaculture garden are ready and we are ready for the second year to go full force.


Our target in the 2nd year is to build up all seperate businesses and adjust from our trial and errors. So we can go fully on all of our branches in the 3rd year.



Our target in the 3rd year is to build out vegetable sales, go from external rentals to internal planning of the retreats & ceremonies, build out the store from trial and error, have a bigger capacity for the school/education part and have our first meat production.