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Nieske van der Voort

Nieske (44) is a broadly skilled entrepreneur who does not like to see herself limited to just one market. She turned a dingy take-out pizzeria into a modern and successful café-restaurant, which she managed day and night for seven years. Nieske then delved into newspaper journalism and the communications industry, where she learned the finer points of storytelling. Additionally Nieske has completed both a four-year yoga teacher training and an in depth-permaculture training with Taco Blom.



Currently, Nieske is primarily focused on permaculture projects and dreams of a company where her skills and passions can come together. The idea of starting an eco retreat, where she can give day trippers, tourists and the local community a pleasurable, inspirational experience in having fun, connecting together, eating tasty and honest food and pursuing a healthy lifestyle, has been in her head for years. The idea finally took form into Landgoed Overvloed .


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