Our Organisation

As the organization of Landgoed Overvloed is divided into 8 different branches, our structure follows these branches as if they are different companies with all their own responsible managers (or partners). Maralina Schaefers as and Nieske van der Voort as directors are being backed up by a marketing/ office manager, who helps with the overview, communication and administration, as well as a marketing strategist, who helps us implement our sales and marketing strategy and a commercial manager, for the higher level commercial work.

The eight branches are managed by the managers who we present on the next page. For the silvo pasture part we need an expert. The restaurant and event managers will be found in the area.


Funding requirement

Landgoed Overvloed will be a self-sufficient and profitable eco-company. It takes quite a bit of investment to get there. To be able to build the project and get through the first phases of the operation, we need a total financing of € 2,000,000. Depending on whether we can buy land or find land that we can rent or manage from a third party, we estimate that we will need an additional €2,500,000 for a total cost of €4,500,000. Part of our organization can be financed with grants and fund contributions in the field of sustainable development.

Our team

landgoed-5 1500 Maralina

Maralina Schaefers


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Nieske van der Voort


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landgoed-2 1500 Nieske crop
landgoed-7 1500 Gerald

Gerald Zevenboom

Business manager

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Mila van der Graaf

Ecologist & School Manager

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landgoed-1500 Federica

Federica Girotto

Healing manager / School manager

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Lennaert Klein

Green manager garden

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landgoed-3 1500 Mayumi

Mayumi Beckers

Retreat Manager and Marketing support

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Pablo Alanes

Shamanic healing manager / project manager tiny houses

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landgoed-1500 Pablo
IMG_6477 bloemen

Dariuz Voltra

Green manager garden

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