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Managing board

Maralina Schaefers

Maralina (37) is a seasoned music industry professional with over 18 years of management experience. Maralina worked as manager in several night clubs in Amsterdam and Berlin, where she was responsible for the program, finances, marketing strategy and HR. She also set up her own flourishing booking agencies in both Amsterdam and Berlin and has developed great strategic business skills, management capacities and a large international network.



Her love of growing food started after she and her son came to live in a house with a 360 m2 garden, which she turned into an edible garden, using the permaculture principles. Her in-depth study with Holland’s permaculture master Taco Blom taught her the huge need of a massive change in agriculture, as well as a change in our lifestyles to keep our world and its people and animals healthy. She decided to think of a new concept and the basic outlines of Landgoed Overvloed were born.



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