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Pablo Alanes

Shamanic healing manager / project manager tiny houses

Pablo Alanes (43) was born in a lineage of healers in Bolivia and has been following the shamanic path since 2005, as he has always felt the responsibility to help others. Since he and his wife Federica moved to the Netherlands in 2018, Pablo has been working as a healer next to his work as photographer and video maker in contemporary dance and music. Pablo is a versatile person as a multi-instrumentalist musician, with a background in painting and architecture. Entrepreneurship is also very well known to him; As the creator of one of the more inclusive bars in La Paz, he gave the opportunity to many artists to perform. 

Pablo Engels


Pablo feels ready to put his diverse knowledge, vision and healing capacities into Landgoed Overvloed for the wellbeing of the earth and the people. Pablo’s main strength is his clarity of vision to identify his goals and to reach them. With a background in sustainable building, Pablo will lead the building of the tiny houses in the first year.

A small minimalist modern house in Scandinavian style with large panoramic Windows and wood trim on the waterfront. 3D illustration.


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