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Mila van der Graaf

Ecologist & School Manager

Mila’s (43) heart is entirely leased out to nature and the wild animals that try to survive on Dutch ground. During her study Forest and Nature Management at Hogeschool van Hall Larenstein she learned how potentially enormously diverse the ecosystem can be if it is managed properly, and how painfully little options there are currently for the existing wild animals to live freely and not feel chased by humans.She worked in a food forest in Amsterdam and did a food forest design course in Devon with food forest pioneer Martin Crawford as teacher.

Mila van der Graaf

Ecoloog / School manager

Mila (44) heeft tijdens haar studie Bos- en Natuurbeheer aan de Hogeschool van Hall Larenstein geleerd hoe belangrijk het is dat landbouw op een zo natuurlijke mogelijke manier bedreven wordt om de samenhang met omringende natuurlijke ecosystemen te vergroten en hiermee een hogere biodiversiteit te creëren.


Mila van der Graaf


As an ecologist, Mila knows how to use landscape ecological processes. She will use her knowledge to turn the land into a true oasis of versatile greens. She will also lead courses on regenerative agriculture. 

Mila van der Graaf


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